10 Goals for the First Term in Office

  • Expand free universal pre-school as part of SF Unified School District to support our working families. Adding pre-k for four year-olds to our existing school system will ensure all kids have an equal chance to succeed and will give a much needed financial break to struggling families.
  • Implement a moratorium on pot clubs within the District by working with residents, colleagues on the Board of supervisors and the Mayor to create a city-wide plan that doesn’t disproportionately harm District 11, while taking into account potential new statewide regulations.
  • Invest in our commercial corridors to support vibrant shopping streets, through supporting anchor businesses, creating a Mission Street Community Benefits District, and, working with residents, the historic churches and businesses in the area, develop a Broad/Randolph commercial corridor plan.
  • Create more parking by pushing SFMTA to do a district-wide survey to identify appropriate streets where diagonal parking could create more parking spaces and relieve crowding.
  • Increase the M-line and local bus routes service, and ensure OMI neighborhoods aren’€™t negatively impacted by the transit reconfigurations at Park Merced. Keep local bus lines connecting our neighborhoods and serving our residents, by expanding frequency and ensuring more stops are not lost.
  • Prioritize pedestrian safety by creating crosswalks at T-intersections in the Excelsior, and expand the improved crosswalk program in the OMI on Broad/Randolph.
  • Develop 100% affordable housing for our District 11 low- and middle-income families and seniors. Community efforts have already identified 10-15 potential sites, and I will work with community groups to secure our best options during my first term, including revising zoning laws on our commercial corridor to encourage more affordable housing and activate shopping streets.
  • Ensure that our neighborhood parks and public spaces receive their equitable share of the City budget and resources. Bring back full staffing to our Rec and Park clubhouses to keep them open and make them our community centers again! Ensure that our parks are well maintained, by hiring more gardeners, particularly at McLaren Park.
  • Increase foot patrols by police and get beat cops out of their cars and walking our neighborhood streets and getting to know local merchants and residents.
  • Renovation of Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse and commit to open it for public use by 2017. Ensure that the Recreation and Parks Department finally invests in the Car Barn to be a vibrant community arts center that serves our neighborhoods and families.